38 Generic Drugs Versus Brand Name!

You may be doubtful regarding the efficacy of Generic drugs vs brand-name drugs. But Studies and research have proven that they are essentially the same medication. Still, there can be minor differences in price, appearance, and sometimes inactive ingredients. So if you plan to consume any Generic drugs, you must ensure they meet the same quality, strength, purity, and stability standards as the brand-name equivalent. You might now be thinking, how are we supposed to know that? Don’t worry. We have covered you and have jotted down all the points you must consider before taking any generic drugs. So make sure you read it till the end.

Key Points To Consider While Comparing Generic Drugs vs Branded Drugs

Generic drugs are typically less expensive than branded drugs by might look different and be manufactured by a separate company. While in the case of branded drugs, they are most often pricier and have additional benefits such as better packaging or more consistent quality control. However, this is only sometimes the case. Making the right while comparing generic versus branded names should be made in consultation with the healthcare provider, always considering an individual’s medical needs and budget. The factors to consider are:


All Generic drugs must have active ingredients that are akin and have therapeutic effects to their brand-name counterparts. They must show bioequivalence, providing the same medicinal benefits as the brand-name drug. We recommend checking the ingredient list for both before making a choice. 


As we have discussed, Generic drugs are typically less costly than brand-name drugs because the manufacturers don’t bear the costs of developing and marketing a new drug. Also, a large amount gets saved as the packaging of generic medicines is less fancy than the brand name counterparts. Thus resulting in significant savings for both consumers and healthcare systems


The next point to consider is the factor of availability. Generic drugs become available after the patent for the brand-name drug has expired. It allows other manufacturers to produce and sell the generic version, thus increasing competition and often leading to lower prices than branded drugs. 



 Although we have stated that generic drugs must contain the same active ingredients, they can have varying colours, shapes, or markings due to differences in inactive ingredients or manufacturing processes. However, this doesn’t affect the efficacy of the medicine at all. The effectiveness of the drug remains intact.

Inactive ingredients

 Generic drugs may contain different inactive ingredients (such as fillers, binders, and colouring agents) than brand-name drugs. These ingredients do not impact the drug’s efficacy. Still, they can affect its appearance and cause allergic reactions in some individuals though that is extremely rare. 

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Some Examples Of Generic Drugs And Their Brand-Name Counterparts

  1. Generic Name- Acetaminophen

Brand Name- Tylenol

     2. Generic: Atorvastatin 

      Brand Name: Lipitor

     3. Generic: Sertraline 

      Brand Name: Zoloft

     4. Generic: Metformin 

      Brand Name: Glucophage

     5. Generic: Amlodipine

     Brand Name: Norvasc

     6. Generic: Esomeprazole

       Brand Name: Nexium

     7.Generic: Citalopram

      Brand Name: Celexa

     8.Generic: Alprazolam

      Brand Name: Xanax

     9. Generic: Ibuprofen 

      Brand Name: Advil, Motrin

     10.Generic: Loratadine 

       Brand Name: Claritin

     11.Generic: Lisinopril 

     Brand Name: Prinivil, Zestril

    12.Generic: Omeprazole 

     Brand Name: Prilosec

    13. Generic: Levothyroxine 

      Brand Name: Synthroid, Levoxyl

    14.Generic: Furosemide 

       Brand Name: Lasix 

     15. Generic: Warfarin 

       Brand Name: Coumadin

    16. Generic: Fluoxetine

     Brand Name: Prozac

     17. Generic: Simvastatin

       Brand Name: Zocor

    18. Generic: Hydrochlorothiazide

       Brand Name: Microzide

    19. Generic: Tadalafil 

       Brand Name: Cialis

    20. Generic: Sildenafil

      Brand Name: Viagra

    21. Generic: Amoxicillin

     Brand Name: Amoxil

   22. Generic: Cephalexin

      Brand Name: Keflex

   23. Generic: Azithromycin 

     Brand Name: Zithromax

    24.Generic: Gabapentin 

      Brand Name: Neurontin

    25. Generic: Prednisone

      Brand Name: Deltasone

   26. Generic: Venlafaxine

      Brand Name: Effexor

   27. Generic: Bupropion

    Brand Name: Wellbutrin, Zyban

    28. Generic: Paroxetine

     Brand Name: Paxil

   29. Generic: Rosuvastatin

      Brand Name: Crestor

   30. Generic: Trazodone

     Brand Name: Desyrel

  31. Generic: Clonazepam 

     Brand Name: Klonopin

   32. Generic: Diazepam

      Brand Name: Valium

   33. Generic: Zolpidem 

    Brand Name: Ambien

   34. Generic: Montelukast

     Brand Name: Singulair

   35. Generic: Oxycodone 

      Brand Name: OxyContin, Roxicodone

   36. Generic: Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen 

     Brand Name: Vicodin, Norco

   37. Generic: Albuterol

      Brand Name: Proventil, Ventolin


These are just a few examples of the generic and brand-name drugs available. You can check their ingredients list based on the factors we have stated above to make an informed choice. Consult your doctor regarding any doubts.

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